Sieving Laser Additive Manufacturing Powders

Specially-engineered powders used in powder bed fusion additive manufacturing technologies such as SLM, DMLS, SLS and LMD are highly expensive. Vast quantities of used or ‘out of spec’ metal, alloy and plastic powders can be left over following each build, which will mean increased costs and wastage of complex powders. The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station has been developed to reclaim and recondition AM powders after production, in-turn keeping the process affordable and reducing powder wastage. With a simple one-button operation and mobile design, this metal, alloy and plastic AM powder recovery system requalifies powder for use quickly and safely. The unit can be inert gas purged, and its flexibility means it can be configured to meet the exact requirements of any laser AM technology.

As well as the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station, a range of other separation equipment is also available for grading AM powders and check-screening virgin AM powders.

Learn more about the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station or contact us for more information about optimizing the recovery of laser additive manufacturing metal powders post-production.

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