Wastewater Screening Equipment

High performance waste screening machine to improve effluent wash water quality

There are two key areas of focus when it comes to managing water usage within the process industry. Firstly, to minimize the environmental impact of water effluent as it is discharged and secondly, with water being such a precious and expensive commodity, implementing an effective water recovery system. Incorporating these two initiatives within your factory will result in significant cost savings as well as reducing your water footprint.

These reductions are also crucial to ensure environmental regulations that may affect your facilities are followed. Not only will having proper wastewater screening equipment encourage the proper reuse, reclaim, and treatment of water, but also reduce the risk of penalty charges and safeguard businesses as they grow and expand production.

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The Liquid Solid Separator – continuous removal of solids from liquids

Suitable for screening liquid slurries down to 20 micron, the Russell Finex Liquid Solid Separator™ is a unique non-vibratory separator widely used across many different applications including effluent clean-up and water recovery. With its small footprint and impressive capacities (up to 100,000 l/hr), this centrifugal separator is also ideal for protecting centrifuges, membrane and ultra-filtration systems used within water treatment systems.

  • Maximize your profitably by reducing water consumption and costs associated with water effluent disposal

  • Small footprint achieving up to 100,000 l/hr

  • Protect up stream equipment such as centrifuges, membrane and Ultra-filtration systems

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