Grading Equipment for Solder Powder

Highly accurate grading of solder powder with the high performance Finex Separator

Solder powder is a mixture of different sized metal particles and requires a “clean dry sand” appearance. Solder powder is used in a wide number of applications from industrial solder used for plumbing to fine solder for intricate soldering required on products such as printed circuit boards. The Finex Separator™ offers accurate grading down to 20 micron and is able to provide up to five fractions in one operation.

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The Finex Separator - ensuring high throughput rates and reduced product wastage

Combining the high performance of the Finex Separator™ and the power of the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, Russell Finex are able to provide both higher throughput rates and increased accuracy when grading solder powder to ensure it is quickly sieved and transported without being exposed to air, which causes oxidization and loss of good product.

  • Increase production capacity

  • Improve sieving efficiency while increasing product quality

  • The Finex Separator™ can be integrated into your existing production facility

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What our clients say

“The atomising package along with the Russell Finex machines have dramatically increased the company’s production levels more than 4-fold. The sieving units have allowed them to streamline their operational efficiency by preventing bottlenecks and increasing productivity.”
Dr Paul Rose, Atomising Systems