Screening to recycle powder coatings

Powder coating product quality improved with a high performance industrial sieving machine

Whether you are a manufacturer of powder coatings or a user looking to reclaim overspray, it is critically important that powder coatings are free from oversize contamination when they are applied to the parts being coated. The Russell Compact Sieve® is a unique high performance vibratory screener used by many powder coatings manufacturers across the world providing benefits such as increased capacity, improved screening accuracy, reduced operational costs and reuse of recycled coating powder.

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The Russell Compact Sieve - the ideal solution for check-screening powder coatings

Installing the Russell Compact Sieve® after micronizing or milling, during manufacture, or after reclaiming overspray powder before re-use ensures your powder coating remains contamination free, without lumps or foreign bodies.

  • Protects applicator spray guns from blockages

  • Substantially reduce labor costs and eliminate wastage during spraying

  • Removes contamination from recovered overspray powder

  • Easy to clean between different color batches

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What our clients say

“Any risk of product contamination has been eliminated completely with the Russell compact screeners. Compared to the rotary units we replaced, they are very simple to dismantle and clean. In addition, we no longer have pieces of nylon mesh finding their way into the product which was a frequent problem we experienced with the rotary screening machines.”
Idar Larsen, Jotun A/S