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Customizing sieving and filtration equipment

June 7, 2023

Innovating to meet your requirements

At Russell Finex, we look to provide perfect solutions for all sieving and filtration requirements. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying high-quality equipment, and  also offer customizations to our equipment to make sure they best suit your needs. We understand each business has its own requirements, whether that means different connection types, surface finishes or even complete re-designs to , get the most out of the machinery. There are hundreds of possibilities of what can be modified on a machine to maximize useability.



One example of this customization service in use is when a leading milk powder manufacturer required quicker changeovers between batches to improve its production productivity. A standard inspection cover was replaced with a larger BFM inspection cover to reduce dismantling time and improve operator health and safety. Additionally, the unit was fitted with the latest hygienic panwork configuration providing improvements in cleanability. Read more about this custom designed screening machine for the food and dairy industry here.

Whatever your unique requirements are, we are happy to provide a consultation to review how we can best meet your needs.

Founded in 1934, Russell Finex has over 90 Years’ experience in manufacturing, supplying and customizing machines to provide solutions in a wide range of industries. To find out more about how our range of sieves, separators, and filters can fit your requirements, contact us today.

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