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Custom designed screening machine for food and dairy industry

August 24, 2020

Meeting health and safety regulations and increasing efficiency with unique design in food and dairy processing

In the food and beverage industry, materials such as milk powder, sugar, and flour are under strict health and safety regulations, to ensure quality product is upheld. One key area in these regulations is related to minimizing the risk of any contamination that may be in the process line. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA, and 3-A sanitary standard look at and assess the accepted practices for food and dairy processing equipment and machine design.

One leading milk powder manufacturer sought a solution that would allow it to meet these stringent food safety requirements, to protect both the sanitary conditions of its processing line and the quality of their final product. In addition to this, the company wanted a low-profile unit to allow it to fit neatly their existing processing line before packing.

Providing an innovative separation solution

After consultation with Russell Finex, the company was recommended the Russell Compact Sieve®, a high-performance sieve, ideal for safety screening milk powder to remove contamination and safeguard its quality. This unit has been specifically designed for the food industry, with its hygienic design allowing for easy cleaning, and unique vibratory action achieving consistently higher capacities on finer mesh screens compared to traditional spring-mounted separators or rotary sifters.

To further safeguard the quality of the milk powder, Russell Finex customized this machine to better fit this company’s requirements to place this unit at the filling line before packing. The standard inspection cover was replaced with a larger BFM inspection cover, which allowed operators to view more of the mesh area without having to dismantle the sieve unit. This cover was also easy to assemble and disassemble, ensuring operator health and safety was upheld.


Improving cleanability and reducing product wastage and downtime

In addition to this, the unit was fitted with the latest hygienic panwork configuration providing improvements in cleanability. This not only eliminated the risk of cross-contamination between batches but also made the cleaning process faster and more effective, a key requirement for this milk powder producer.

The Russell Compact Sieve® also included the patented Russell Superclamp™ system. With a self-adjust function for more hygienic, tighter clamping, this system further prevented contamination from entering the product and improved operator use, with the mechanism giving a defined force every time allowing the clamp to be easily closed.

High-performance sieving for milk powder

The Russell Compact Sieve® is ideal for milk powder screening due to its other key benefits. The unit's offset inlet ensures full coverage of the mesh screen is used during the sieving process, which maximizes sieving efficiency before oversize material is discharged via the oversize outlet chute.

It also prevents any good product from being discharged with the oversize material, minimizing product wastage or the need to rescreen powder which has been ejected as oversize. Its compact size also allows for it to fit into spaces with limited headroom, making it an incredibly versatile, powerful machine which still produces a high throughput.

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