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Automatic Filtration without the Mess or Stress

August 4, 2010

NEW and improved Filter Management System eliminates operator involvement and minimizes good product wastage.

Russell Finex has recently launched a NEW and improved Filter Management System™, developed for liquid filtration systems such as the Self-Cleaning In-line Russell Eco Filter® to eliminate operator involvement and minimize good product wastage. It achieves this through precise monitoring and control of key operating parameters.

The Filter Management System™ (FMS) is retrofitable to many filtration systems and is able to control the oversize discharge automatically, eliminating the need for operator involvement. This increases the safety of operators while also saving time and labor costs. In addition, since the system is monitoring line and differential pressure, it is able to prevent any risk of damage to the filter and to up or down stream processes if an overpressure condition occurs in the system.

The new and improved automated filtration system has been updated, utilizing the latest in control technology to provide more features along with a new simple menu structure making the system easy to setup and operate saving you valuable time and money.


The standard system features:

Oversize discharge via timed cycle – Controlling the operation of the oversize discharge valve using timers to control the period the valve is open and closed. The timers are fully adjustable and continually cycle.

Rapid cycle to remove blockages: When product oversize proves difficult to discharge, the valves can be automatically opened in quick succession to dislodge the problematic oversize removing the need for costly downtime.

Oversize discharged through pressure monitoring: With the addition of two pressure transmitters mounted to the inlet and outlet of the filter, the system can monitor both differential and line pressure across the screen. This allows you to set a maximum limit to ensure oversize is discharged safely.

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