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Optimizing Flow Rates of Vibratory Sieves

December 3, 2010

Find different ways to optimize the flow rate of your vibrating compact sieves

There are a wide range of industrial sieves available on the market, the most common being round vibratory sieves as supplied by Russell Finex. The performance of sieves can vary considerably due to diverse range of applications they are used in and it is not uncommon to see sieves not running at their optimum efficiencies. This is why it is important to know what to look for when try to get the most out of your vibratory sieves.

  1. Make sure you have a consistent feed to your vibratory sieves. If you have uneven flow of material to your sieve then the screening capacity will suffer.
  2. If possible, make sure the material being screened covers the complete area of mesh – any mesh left free will not be screening. You can achieve this by adjusting the out of balance weights on your sieve to give better screen coverage.
  3. Make sure the tension of your mesh is correct. Meshes with low tension will reduce capacity, hold up product and be more prone to becoming blocked. A mesh which is tensioned properly and bonded to the frame with a high quality adhesive will keep its tension far longer than a mesh secured with a clip. Read more about Russell meshing services.
  4. Insist on good quality wire for your meshes. The method and quality of manufacture of the wire mesh will have an impact on the accuracy of the apertures and the screening capacity.
  5. Mechanical mesh de-blinding systems such as balls or discs can be installed under the mesh screen to keep apertures of the mesh free from blockage. However, these systems can wear and cause reduce mesh life.
  6. The patented Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System utilises ultrasonic technology to keeps your mesh apertures free from blockage without the wearing problems associated with mechanical systems. Read more on ultrasonics.

For more information on how to ensure your vibratory sieve is delivering optimum performance read ‘6 tips to help keep your vibratory sieve running smoothly’

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