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Vibratory sifting machine

High containment screener improves your product quality

Our Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ improves your product quality and protects your operators. Its patented TLI (twist, lock and inflate) airlock clamping system creates a validatable OEL level 5 containment (less than 1µg/m3), stopping dust particles leaking from the sieve.

No tools disassembly and easy to clean surfaces help your operators with quick and simple product change overs. Contact parts can be polished to 0.1Ra and full IQ, OQ, PQ documentation is available.

We also offer a range of options and can customize the unit to suit your application and installation perfectly.

Features and benefits


Improves product quality

Eliminates oversize contamination from your powder


Cuts cleaning downtime

Sanitary design allows for easy no-tools disassembly and cleaning


Increases production rate

Achieves higher throughput capacity than standard vibrating screens for a quicker return on investment


Safeguards operator’s health and safety

Clamping system securely seals the screener preventing product leakage and protecting operators from harmful dust

Compact Airlock Sieve

Designed for optimum sanitation

Designed to cGMP standard, this screening machine allows for quick and easy cleaning thanks to clean lines and tool-free strip down resulting in improved sanitation and higher productivity.

Russell Compact Airlock Sieve

How it works

The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve has an innovative design:

  • Side mounted motor vibrates the sieve mesh
  • ‘Straight through’ design gives higher sieving rates
  • Simple operation with ‘twist, lock and inflate’ clamping system
  • Rubber vibration mounts give lower operating noise
  • Easy to clean contact parts mean shorter cleaning times

Success stories

Sifting active pharmaceutical ingredients

Cipla gives seal of approval for OEL level 5 screener.

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Upgrades available