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Russell Finex high quality separation equipment at Salima 2014: February 25-28th

January 30, 2014

Salima, Central Europe’s leading food technology fair, will host its 29th edition in Brno, Czech Republic from February 25-28th. Visit Russell Finex at Stand 18, Pavilion V.

The Salima trade fair is one of the largest food technology fairs in Central Europe. Within this trade fair four other international shows will be hosted, each one specifically designed for different target groups within the food industry.

This year’s edition consists of the following trade fairs: MBK, INTECO, EMBAX and Print Expo, bringing together producers, distributors and salesmen of the industry. MBK is an international fair for the milling, bakery and confectionery industries, INTECO is the essential show for hoteliers and the hospitality trade, and EMBAX and Print Expo are focused on packaging technology for food products. With an international appeal, the Salima exhibition last year counted in total 679 exhibiting companies from 26 countries and 27,615 visitors from 51 countries. Salima 2014 provides a platform for a discussion between important players within the food industry. With a special B2B-programme, topics including food safety, food acts, logistics and storage and technological supply chain will be discussed at the International conference "FOOD FORUM".

Russell Finex, manufacturers of innovative vibratory screeners and liquid filters, have always recognized the importance of the Central and Eastern European market and will therefore be one of the international exhibitors who will be participating in the show again this year. The food industry is one of Russell Finex’s key industries, and with 80 years’ experience their range of vibratory screeners and liquid filters are used in the food industry worldwide to check screen liquids and powders or to separate powders into different particle sizes.

This year Russell Finex will showcase their range of separation equipment including the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, the Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ and the Russell Eco Separator®.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® will be shown in full operation, demonstrating how the liquid filter continuously removes solids from liquids and slurries. Installed with the Russell Filter Management System™, solids are discharged automatically, eliminating the need for operator involvement. The range of Russell Eco Filters are often used in the food industry to filter high viscose products such as chocolate and honey. For these applications a double jacketed filter is used, which allows high temperature filtration (up to 250° C) to keep the product liquefied. The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter ® is also able to remove solids down to 10µm and has a small ecological footprint and reduced maintenance costs with its reusable filter element.

The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ is a vibrating screener which combines the screening technology of the Russell Compact Sieve® with a low level bag tip station and a magnetic separator which is seated beneath the mesh. This screener is ideal for sieving hand fed ingredients, with the low level bag tipping platform allowing your employees to easily empty bags of 25 kgs. The integrated dust hood provides a dust-tight interface and can be connected with any existing dust extraction system. Typical uses for this machine in the food industry include the screening of powders such as flour and sugar which are often delivered in bags.

The Russell Eco Separator® is one of Russell Finex’s most cost effective gyratory sifters for grading wet or dry materials. The separator can be installed with up to 4 sieve decks, enabling the machine to grade product into five fractions in one single operation. This separator has been used for different applications in the food industry such as grading, dewatering and screening food ingredients.

Visit Russell Finex at Stand 18 in Pavilion V to find out more about the extensive range of separation equipment, where a team of experienced sales engineers will be able to help you with your unique requirements.

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