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BTA. Exhibition 2015

April 7, 2015

Russell Finex will participate in the Bta. exhibition held in Spain from 21-24 April 2015 (Stand No. 105)

The Bta. exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain from 21-24 April 2015 will exhibit the most diverse, unique and innovative range of machinery and technology for the food industry. The event will attract more than 500 companies from around the world and has already been dubbed the most comprehensive edition ever being held.

Visitors will gain access to networking opportunities and a variety of activities at the show, which is one of the largest platforms for business within the food and beverage industry. The last exhibition saw more than 35,000 visitors attending from 85 countries and this year will be no exception with an even higher number of visitors predicted to attend. 2015 has already topped the amount of exhibitor companies that have signed up compared to the previous edition in 2012.

Not only will the exhibition provide the chance to gain direct access to the most comprehensive and innovative technology, visitors will also be able to meet experts within the industry who can answer any queries on the latest models and launches exhibited. Bta., known as one of the best industry platforms for business within Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America, will be Europe’s largest food technology trade show in 2015.

Russell Finex will be showcasing the following equipment at Stand Number 105;

The Finex Separator™ is a unique vibratory separator has perfect material movement on mesh which allows ideal separation due to its unique weight and suspension system. You can learn more information about this vibratory separator here.

The Russell Gated Outlet™ is a pneumatically controlled gate inserted just inside the outlet of the sieve deck which can be inflated or deflated, allowing complete control of product discharge. This is great for applications where there is very little oversize or when product is discharged too soon which results in loss of good product.

The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ has been created for low level bag emptying and check screening of raw materials. This innovative model serves companies within the processing industry in aide of applications such as food ingredients and flour.

The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS) is used for removing the blinding and blocking of sieve mesh. It eliminates mesh damage caused by mechanical deblinding systems and can be retrofitted onto any new or existing vibrating sieve or separator.

The Mini Sifter™ is both compact and easy to operate. These industrial sifters get rid of any contamination from small batches of powders and liquids. They are portable and perfect to use for small batch processing in industries such as bakeries, laboratories and pilot plants.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is used for liquid products to remove oversize contamination. These filters are totally enclosed so no product contamination is possible, improving product quality. The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® does not need filter bags or cartridges and it provides a substantial decrease in waste.

The Russell Vibrastop™ is an innovative enhancement for vibratory screeners designed to decrease excessive movement and sound during start up and shutdown. It bypasses the sieves resonant frequency, resulting in shutdown of the sieve being almost immediate (within half a second).

Visit Russell Finex at Stand Number 105 to hear more about the separation equipment on offer. A team of experienced sales engineers will help you with any questions or specific needs you may have and would like to discuss further.

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