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Russell Finex Launch the Conversion Tool

July 31, 2012

Russell launch NEW online engineering conversion tool

Although the SI system is understood universally, the world of mechanical engineering has not yet achieved uniformity. As a result, engineers constantly need to convert units of measure, particularly when interpreting measurements or calculations carried out in other parts of the world. This is particularly true for the process industry, where converting measurements for flow, pressure, viscosity and volume are commonly required when evaluating product characteristics or during the design of equipment.


There are numerous conversion tools available online providing mesh to micron conversion, temperature and currency conversions etc. However, there are only a select number of engineering conversion tools available which are often either not very easy to use or only offering a limited number of conversions.

In response to the need for an easy to use engineering conversion tool, Russell Finex have launched their very own online Engineering Conversion Tool. We hope this tool may provide a simpler way for engineers across the world to carry out measurement conversions quickly and accurately. Whilst the tool contains 40 common conversions for measurements such as distance, weight, flow rate and pressure, it also includes more industry specific conversions including a mesh aperture to mesh count conversion, a well-known unit of measure used when selecting the appropriate mesh screen for vibrating screens.

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