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Russell Racers Red Nose Day Live Streaming

March 13, 2015

Watch the Russell Finex Bikeathon, a 6 hour, 130 mile cycle featuring the Russell Racers

The Russell Finex Bikeathon in aid of Red nose Day 2015 started at 9am and participants have been peddling furiously to meet and exceed the 130 mile target.

Below you can see a live stream of the event.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this great cause!

If you would like to sponsor us it is not too late! Find more information about how you can donate to Russell Racers on our Red Nose Day page.

Bikeathon Updates:

9.50 - We've reached 16.5 miles.


12.05: Half of the miles are done! Thanks everyone for your donations. 65 more miles to go!


14.57 - We've reached 130 miles. Well done to the Russell Racers and thanks to everyone who has supported the team and donated to this great cause.


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