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Security sieving enhancements

June 22, 2012

Where bagged ingredients are used, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries, check screening is essential to remove items such as pieces of paper and string. The opening and tipping of bags is usually a dusty operation, made even worse by handling empty bags and is potentially dangerous to operator health and safety.

The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ has been designed to overcome these problems. The bag tipping height has been determined with the operator in mind and follows the Health and Safety Executive guidance on manual handling tasks.


With innovation at the core of the business, Russell Finex are continually looking at ways to improve the solutions they are providing to customers. Following on from customer feedback, a number of additional optional features have been added to the bag dump sieve station. Although the base unit is a 3in1 sieve magnet bag tipper, this particular unit has incorporated several new features to provide even further improved functionality. These are:

  • Roller table – this can be attached to the bag tip to ease the pressure needed to slide the bag to the sieve. The table can also be folded down to assist the mobility of the unit.
  • BFM flexible – as there are no hose clips, there are no crevices which allow product build, therefore providing a more hygienic solution.
  • Hood door – a hood door can be attached to ensure that no contamination enters the unit when the machine is not in operation, making cleaning easier.

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