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Conveying products to and from a sieves

September 10, 2010

The most popular ways of conveying products to and from check screening sieves

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is commonly used to move semi solid materials such as food ingredients and dry powders from one part of the production process to another. As well as providing transportation the screw conveyor may also be used to control the flow rate of the material to and from sieves. As the conveyor is fully enclosed and therefore provides relatively dust free conveying it is typically used in the food, chemical and metallurgy industries. The screw conveyor is often used with the Russell Compact Sieve®

Screw feeders

The design of a screw feeder closely resembles that of a screw conveyor, but the main difference is that the screw feeder gives accurate controlled feeding. Screw feeders are used in all industries. They are often used with our Finex Separator™ as they feed product at a constant rate which is essential for grading.

Vibratory feeders

The vibratory feeder is somewhat similar to the screw feeder as like the screw feeder it gives accurate controlled feeding. The vibratory feeder uses vibrations to move the material and is mostly used for dry products. The other similarity to the screw feeder it that this is often used with our Finex Separator™.

Pneumatic conveying

There are 2 types of pneumatic conveying, positive/blowing or negative/sucking. Although used in all industries the former is mainly used for the aggregate industry as this is normally used for large volume, long distance conveying. The latter is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry as this is normally used for small volume, short distance conveying. Our Compact Airswept Sieve™ and Blow Thru Sieve™ are the ideal machines for pneumatic conveying.

Manual feeding

Due to the physical labor involved in manual feeding this is normally only used when using small batch sieves. This is most commonly used in the bakery industry for ingredients such as flour. The Compact 3in1 Sieve™ with its low-level bag tipping station is the perfect screening machine for this job as it has been designed specifically for this type of application.



For continuous operation many companies opt for an in-line system that allows the product to flow to and from installed sieves in one continuous smooth operation. Valves often control product flow, which allow the production process to run without interruptions. With its straight through design the Russell Compact Sieve™ is often the machine of choice for in-line conveying.

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