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Customized Sieving And Filtration Solution

March 30, 2015

Russell Finex supply a customized sieving and filtration solution to improve processing efficiencies in the bakery industry

Strict regulations within the food industry means companies continually review their processes to ensure the quality of their food products remain of the highest standard. A leading bakery company found inefficiencies in their existing food processing method and sought a new solution. In the production of dough based products, the products are boiled before being baked. During the boiling process, excess materials such as dough, maize grit and sesame seeds would drop into the pre-bake water, causing contamination and affecting the quality of the water. Therefore the water tank needed to be cleaned manually and replenished with fresh water, resulting in high labor costs and downtime, and an increased consumption of water. The contaminated water would then be discharged to an effluent plant through pipes. This created further problems as the water containing the discharge solids would ferment and expand causing blockages in the pipes connected to the effluent plant.

Following a recommendation, the company approached Russell Finex for an industrial screening solution. Drawing upon 90 Years of experience in separation technology, Russell Finex were able to audit the bakery’s current manufacturing process and provide an efficient high quality solution to minimize contamination of the pre-bake water. This was achieved in two stages. The first stage was to install a fully automated Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® after the water tank to continuously remove contamination and re-circulate the pre-bake water. This industrial filter for liquids recirculates the clean water back into the pre-bake water tank, with any contamination being discharged into the effluent plant.


The second stage of the separation process focused on eliminating the blockage of pipes caused by the solids fermenting in the pipework. The Russell Compact Sieve® vibratory screener was fitted directly after the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. When the contamination from the water tank is ejected from the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, it is fed directly into a 400mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve® where water and debris are separated further. This allowed the bakery to dispose of a large percentage of solids to landfill with the remaining liquid being sent to the effluent plant for treatment prior to final disposal in the drain.

With the Self-Cleaning Filter® and Russell Compact Sieve® installed, the bakery was able to achieve their objectives to improve the efficiencies of their production process, increasing product quality, reducing costs, and increasing overall efficiencies.

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