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40-year-old sieve has bespoke repair service

December 5, 2019

As machines are utilized in factories for a variety of day-to-day tasks it is important to have them serviced and refurbished so they can keep on running at maximum efficiency. Russell Finex prides itself as a company who not only has a long and established history in the manufacturing industry, but that this history of longevity is reflected in the trusted relationships with a variety of different customers over the years.

With the motto “Customer Trust, a Russell Must” underpinning our dedication and commitment to customer service, this ethos extends beyond the point of sale and into our aftermarket activities. With a dedicated Aftermarket support team, Russell Finex offers a range of different services, from fitting replacement parts on machines, issuing service contracts, and refurbishing older machines.

A unique service requirement

One of the UK’s largest importers of ingredients and spices and long-established company Cotswold Health Products needed its old 1557 model unit fixed and refurbished, to sieve and remove oversize, keep production running smoothly and keep its products sieved to a high standard.

What made this service so unique was that this machine had been installed and running since the 1970s: a brilliant demonstration of the longevity and durability of Russell Finex’s machines. Given its age, a dedicated Aftermarket Service Engineer who oversaw this repair had to hand-make certain parts to match the 40-year-old imperial measurement specifications. The 1557 model was then able to be readily fixed with these brand-new parts, designed and fitted in-house.

Experienced support you can trust 

Grace Howell, Business Manager for Cotswold Health Products, had this to say: “We were very pleased with the quick and efficient service by Russell Finex’s service engineer to fix our machine. The fact they designed a part specifically to fix a very old machine proved that they are more than willing to go the extra mile when it comes to helping its customers.”

This not only shows the stability and reliability of Russell Finex equipment, but the dedication of our customer service and aftermarket team to deliver care and quality to its clients. With the introduction and expansion of new machines, the Finex 22” Sieve is the comparative follow-on from the 1557 model, and is now known as the infamous ‘Dalek’ sieve, an industrial sifter ideal for screening powders and viscous liquids.

With 90 Years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, Russell Finex is a global company offering a wide range of industrial sieving and filtration equipment to suit a variety of separation needs. It also provides a range of extensive aftermarket services, such as service contracts on existing machines, re-meshing, sieve upgrades, and filter upgrades. Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs and to find out more.

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