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Product flow and contamination control devices

Optimize the efficiency of your sieves and separators

It is important your sieve is setup to achieve maximum screening efficiency, whether you are removing contamination or grading your product into fractions.  If you need improved control of product flow into the sieve or want to increase the accuracy of your separation, Russell Finex offers a number of retrofittable devices to help you meet your screening requirements.

Features and benefits


Increases your productivity

Reduces the downtime to remove oversize


Improves your screening efficiency

Allows product to be sieved before ejecting out of the outlet


Increases your profitability

Loss of good product is reduced

The Russell Gated Outlet

The Russell Gated Outlet™ is a pneumatically controlled gate located inside the outlet of the sieve deck. It can be inflated to become a barrier or deflated to allow contamination to ejected, providing complete control of product discharge. This is ideal for applications where there is very little oversize or when product is discharged too quickly resulting in loss of good product. Available in a food grade material as well as high wear polyurethane this device can seal against gravity fed dry powders and liquids up to a head of 1″ (25.4mm).

Other discharge control systems are available, including the Russell Flow Stop and inlet chutes and scoop offtake devices. Contact us for more information.