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Separating potato starch

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator removes starch from water allowing cost effective disposal

Disposing of waste water can be a costly overhead and therefore many companies seek ways in which to reduce this cost. One way is by disposing of the water in public sewers but this can only be done if the BOD levels are acceptable. This trial shows how the Liquid Solid Separator™ removes gelatinous potato starch from cooking water, bringing the BOD levels down so the water can be disposed of in the public sewer without significant charges being applied. The LSS is capable of separating down to 10 micron and depending on mesh size, processing up to 100,000 l/hr (26,500 US Gal/hr). In this trial using a 20 and 40 micron mesh screen the centrifugal separator was processing the cooking water at 12000 l/hr.

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