Russell Finex Celebrates 80 Years of Excellence

Chrysten Crockett
Chrysten Crockett
Marketing Coordinator

Innovating Since 1934 - Russell Finex

Global leader in separation equipment and self-cleaning filters innovating since 1934

Russell Finex, the leaders in separation and filtration solutions, have been innovating processing technology since 1934, and 2014 marks 80 years of growth and excellence. With over 200 direct employees and annual sales that exceed £25 million ($40m), Russell Finex have become one of the largest companies in the industry.

With appearances at some of the largest global trade exhibitions, and offices in the UK, USA, Belgium and India, Russell Finex have made an impact on a large majority of the world’s markets.  

“Russell Finex have continued to strengthen their position as the leaders in our industry – our ability to continuously produce innovative technology has solidified the company's position in the market,” said President of US Operations at Russell Finex, Inc. Rob Ward.

The company has continued to pride itself in offering the widest range of sieving and filtration equipment in the industry. Within the past 80 years, their fine mesh separation technology, vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid filtration systems have been supplied to over 140 countries. As Russell Finex expands their portfolio and global footprint, their innovative thinking, technology and engineering expertise will continue to transform the industry as it is known.

Another aspect that has contributed to Russell Finex’s excellence over the past 80 years, is the solid reputation the company has built with its customers. The Russell Finex mission “Customer Trust is a Russell Must,” has upheld the company to high quality standards. By working with some of the world’s leading brands, such as 3M, Nestlé, General Mills and Unilever, to name a few, Russell Finex have dedicated efforts to ensuring the customer experience is one that is valued forever.

Russell Finex’s customized solutions, comprehensive customer service, specialized test facilities and emphasis on innovation set a reputable standard in the industry. For 80 years, the company has maintained that standard, and plans to focus on the future to provide even better quality and service for years to come.

“The success of the company and its longevity is a testament to the Russell Finex employees – past and present – who have always put unrivalled customer service and product innovation at the heart of what they do every day,” said Managing Director Ray Singh.

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