Spring Mounted Gyratory Sifter

Christine Dyos
Christine Dyos
Marketing Executive

Spring-mounted grading sieve now available with stainless steel base

The Eco Separator from Russell Finex is a spring-mounted grading sieve for use in almost any processing industry. With the ability to separate wet or dry materials on up to five fractions, this separator is an affordable solution for any screening requirement. Available in 6 different sizes ranging from 24” to 72”, this grading sieve can be used in any size of production plant from pilot or laboratory to full-scale production.

Eco 40 st st

Previously only available with a painted base, the Eco Separator is now available with a fully stainless steel base. This makes it ideal for industries where equipment is continuously washed down or when painted equipment is not permitted. This is a common requirement within the food or pharmaceutical industries where hygienic design is essential. In addition, being constructed from high-quality stainless steel provides increased durability, allowing this grading sieve to suit aggressive or corrosive environments.

Russell Finex offer a wide range of grading sieves as well as a full range of industrial sieves to ensure we have the solution that best meets your needs. You can also try out the machine selector to help identify the most effective units for your application. Alternatively you can contact us for more information.

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