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Industrial vibratory batch sieving equipment

Improve your small batch product quality

The Russell Mini Sifter™ is an easy-to-use batch sieving machine that removes contamination from powders or liquids. Small and portable, this machine is ideal for small batch processing in all industries including bakeries, laboratories, and start-up companies.

The Russell Mini Sifter™ is extremely quiet, low maintenance and doesn’t need any tools to disassemble. All the contact parts are easy to clean so change overs are quick and improve your productivity.

We can also customize the unit to suit your application and installation perfectly.

Features and benefits


Improves your product quality

Eliminates oversized contamination from powders or liquids


Reduces cleaning downtime

Quick and easy to disassemble


Compact and portable

Easily transported around different areas of the production plant


Quiet operation

Noise levels less than 65 dBA

batch sieving

How it works

The Russell Mini Sifter has a simple, low maintenance design:

  • Simple, side mounted motor vibrates the sieve mesh
  • Simple operation with tool free disassembly
  • Rubber vibration mounts give lower operating noise
  • Easy to clean contact parts mean shorter cleaning times

Success stories

Wet and dry screening of fossils

Paleontology consulting company cuts sieving time by 20% using the Russell Mini Sifter™.

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Upgrades available