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Improve your product quality with the cost-effective Finex Ultima™

Accurate separation for wet or dry applications

The Finex Ultima™ is a cost effective upgrade over spring mounted separators. It is suitable for a variety of wet and dry screening applications. The unique Russell Finex rubber suspension system gives increased productivity and lower noise levels than traditional models. Its hygienic, high-clean open frame design makes this fully stainless-steel unit ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries and also many others.

To match the requirements of a diversity of applications and throughput rates, the Finex Ultima™ is available in four standard diameters from 30” (750mm), to 60” (1500mm) .

Finex Ultima

Features and benefits


Increases your productivity

Real improvement in screening capacities compared to conventional spring mounted separators


Reduces your downtime

Unique hygienic open frame design for easier cleaning by operators


Lower maintenance

High-quality and durable construction minimizes unplanned production stoppages, maximizing your productivity


Lower noise

Rubber suspension instead of springs means lower noise and safer environment

Finex Ultima

Perfect for food and pharmaceutical applications

With its drive system mounted inside a hygienic, open frame design, the Finex Ultima™ is able to accurately separate up to 5 particle size fractions.

Finex Separator

How it works

The Finex Ultima™ uses a vibratory motor mounted inside its open design, hygienic frame. The vibration created by the motor is translated into the sieving area by 4 rubber mounts instead of traditional springs.

These rubber mounts translate more force and are quieter than springs, giving you higher productivity and a safer working environment. The motor also has an adjustable weight system allowing you to fine tune the flow of material in the sieving area, improving accuracy and productivity even further.

Finex Ultima

Typical uses

The Finex Ultima™ can be used for multiple applications and places in a production line. It can be used to separate powders into different particle size fractions or remove oversized contamination from your products.

Here are a few examples of where it can help you:

  • Check the quality of incoming food ingredients to remove contamination
  • Remove dust and agglomerates from pharmaceutical granules
  • Continuously remove solids from water or other liquid streams in recycling plants
  • Size metal powders into discrete particle size fractions

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