Seals and gaskets

Safeguard your product quality

Ensuring your seals and gaskets are in good condition will ensure the long life of your equipment. With years of experience, we have identified the materials to meet the performance and certification needs of most applications.  We have invested heavily to ensure we only supply seals and gaskets of the highest quality with full traceability.

Seals and gaskets

Food grade white silicone

With its resistance to extreme environments and high temperatures as well as being FDA compliant, silicone is an extremely versatile material suitable for most industries including food and pharmaceutical. Our gaskets also meet the 1935/2004 EU directive and we can also meet the requirements of the 3A standard.


Metal detectable, magnetic attractable blue silicone

We also offer blue food grade silicone with the added feature of metal detectability, often a common requirement within the food industry. These gaskets are also magnetically attractable therefore allowing in-line magnetic separators to extract fragments of rubber if the gasket is damaged during assembly or operation.

Metal detectable, magnetic attractable and conductive (MDAC) gaskets

Constructed from food grade Nitrile, these gaskets have been developed to not only provide metal detectability and magnetic attractability but also provide earth continuity and prevent the build-up of static electricity. Ideally suited for hazardous environments or when materials have a low minimum ignition energy (MIE), these ATEX approved gaskets provide high performance sealing as well as removing the need for conventional earth bonding methods such as metal earth straps or clips. Read more.

Specialist gaskets

Russell Finex also offers a range of more specialist seals and gaskets providing solvent resistance, ultra high temperature and chemical resistance.

Connectors, viewports and caps

We have a wide range of options to help you connect to and from your sieve. We can also supply different ways to look into the meshing area from outside the unit or help vent air out of the system when necessary.

Our ability to customize our connection points allows you to choose from tri-clamp, BFM, Jacobs and many more styles to help keep your powder contained and environment dust free.

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