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Pharmaceutical powder sieving for leading contract manufacturer

Russell Compact Sieve® doubles productivity for New Zealand based pharmaceutical manufacturer

Alaron is a contract manufacturer of health supplements, complementary medicines, therapeutic goods, and skincare products. It is one of the largest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in New Zealand.

The award-winning manufacturer uses the latest innovative materials and manufacturing technologies to deliver market-ready products for customers around the world. Alaron has been GMP certified for over 20 years and has been at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years. It manages everything from ingredient sourcing and formulation advice to testing and international compliance.

To create its products, Alaron processes large quantities of powdered material from a range of locally and internationally sourced suppliers. The incoming powdered materials are then screened in batches of 1,000 kilograms to ensure the particles are less than 1250 microns.

Pharmaceutical powder sieving for leading contract manufacturer

Alaron’s previous screening methods had limited success. Due to slow throughput, these methods restricted the manufacturer’s capacity to screen its powdered materials. These screening solutions were also hard to take apart and reassemble which made them difficult to clean. This meant extra effort was needed from the operators to clean the sieves.

Alaron purchased a Russell Compact Sieve® to address its screening problems. The company soon appreciated the value this brought to the business and so it ordered further units. Alaron now has four Russell Compact Sieve® units in operation with another unit on the way as well as two Russell Mini Sifters for small sieving projects.

The major benefit to Alaron of switching to the Russell Compact Sieve® is the doubling of its throughput rates of powdered materials. The Russell Compact Sieve® units are also easy to clean. The machines can be taken apart for cleaning without extra effort from the operators and without tools. In addition, there are fewer areas where the product can build up within the mesh as the Russell Compact Sieve® is designed with pressed molded screens.

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“Our business has grown rapidly in the last few years and the sieves have played a large part in making that growth efficient and manageable. The Russell Compact Sieve enables us to keep on top of the orders and deliver to our customers in a timely fashion"

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