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Bulk separation of fermented broth using Russell Liquid Solid Separator™

Mechanical bulk slurry screener removes fermented food product from spent nutrient broth following submerged fermentation process

Manufacturing food products through fermentation –such as cheese or olives- can deliver several benefits. Firstly, fermented foods tend to be more nutritious, enriched with protein, amino acids and vitamins, as well as having unique flavors, aromas and textures. Furthermore, fermentation can preserve a variety of foods, including dairy products, meats, cereals and fruits and vegetables.

On a production scale, some food products – such as fruit or vegetables juices - are processed using a submerged fermentation method (also known as liquid fermentation). This is when a food product is submerged with enzymes and other reactive compounds in a liquid such as alcohol, oil or a nutrient broth for a period of time. Following this process, the solid food product must be separated from the liquid fermentation broth.

In this demonstration video, a solid fermented vegetable product is removed from a liquid nutrient broth using the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™.  This bulk centrifugal separator provides continuous removal of solids from liquids and has the capacity to handle soft and fibrous oversized solids, ideal for various food and beverage applications.

Here, the fermented vegetable slurry is pumped into the centrifugal separator, where the solid material is removed through the oversize outlet. This vegetable food product, enriched with nutrients following fermentation, can be used in human and animal food. The spent liquid nutrient broth can be reused in products like fertilizer or disposed of.

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is the ideal solution to screening wet material and submerged solids. Capable of handling flow rates of up to 100,000 litres/hour this mechanical separation technology improves process efficiency, and reduces the loss of good food product as well as disposal costs of contaminated effluent liquids. Simple to operate, strip down and reassemble, these food slurry screeners minimize downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

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