Screening resin demo video

In this demonstration video, the high speed Finex 22 dewaters and screens resin

The high speed Finex 22™ is capable of screening difficult powders and high viscosity liquids, in batch and continuous operations. In this demonstration video the high speed Finex 22™ screening machine dewaters resin during the screening process. For this application the machine has been fitted with a scroll assembly to ensure that the resin material stays on the mesh for longer, enabling the material to be dewatered whilst the resin is being screened for waste disposal.

The vibrations of the sieve move the resin around the screen and once the resin has been extracted from the water it is weighed before disposal. By removing the water the resin is lighter which offers significant costs savings to the company when disposing of the waste material. In this controlled environment more water was added to the resin mixture to facilitate the screening process and increase the overall throughput rate. The Finex 22™ vibrating screener is a unique screener that offers both accurate grading of powders and granules but is also capable of simple safety screening. It was essential for this company to install a check screener into their production process as it reduced overall costs while safeguarding the company’s reputation.

Our test and research facilities enable our customers to trial Russell Finex screening machines with their application before purchasing, providing complete peace of mind that the equipment chosen is the right for them.

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