Vibrating Screens - Finex 22"

Featured industries served by the Finex 22" Sieve: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Coatings, Ceramics, Metal Powders

The Finex 22 is the most versatile industrial sifting machine on the market

A go-to solution for more than 30 years, the Finex 22 is the ideal choice for customers requiring effective and well-proven wet or dry sieving technology. These powerful industrial sifters can be used for batch and continuous operations, and they are capable of simple safety sifting as well as accurate grading of powders and granules. Their unique vibratory action maximises throughput and separation efficiency.

The versatile sifting equipment can be tailored to a variety of different applications. An adjustable high-force vibrator ensures full control of materials, ranging from general powders and liquids, to viscous and thixotropic liquids. A stainless-steel version of the sieve is available for food and pharmaceutical applications, and a choice of optional inlets and outlets further increases application flexibility. 

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Features & Benefits

Vibrating Screen Finex 22 Sieve

  • Improve your productivity – The Finex 22 outperforms conventional 48" spring mounted separators in many viscous liquid applications

  • Support more applications – Adjustable high-force vibrator supports a range of materials, from general powders to viscous liquids

  • Increase flexibility – Compact all-in-one sifter is easily manoeuvrable can be used at various locations across your plant

  • Reliably meet ongoing needs – Proven technology requires minimal maintenance and is engineered for a long life

  • Reduce downtime – Hand-operated quick-release clamps enable fast screen changes and easy clean down

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Upgrades available

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How Russell Compact Sieve Helped Different Industries:

  • Grading Pharmaceutical Granules at ESTEVE

    The installation of two finely polished, stainless steel Finex 22 sifters with Vibrasonic Deblinding Systems is helping leading Spanish chemical-pharmaceutical group, ESTEVE, to improve the quality of their pharmaceutical formulations. The industrial sifters are used to grade pharmaceutical granules after they have been processed through a fluid bed dryer. Read more

  • Sieving plastic particles at Fremach

    Fremach produces high-quality plastic components for the automotive industry. Flocking – the application of small polyamide particles onto the plastic surface – is a major part of the manufacturing process. Oversize contamination of flock fibres resulted in significant product loss. The issue was quickly resolved with the installation of a Finex 22 sieve. Read more

  • Screening Pharmaceutical Powders

    GlaxoSmithKline improved process efficiency at its pharmaceutical ‘centre of excellence’ in Kent, England, with the installation of nine high-performance Finex 22 vibratory separators. The industrial sifters are equipped with Vibrasonic 2000 mesh deblinding systems which eliminate mesh blinding, improving grading accuracy, increasing throughput capacity and reducing maintenance downtime. Read more

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