Dry sieving cannabis

Industrial separators to ensure purity and quality of your cannabis

Dry sieving is a crucial part of the trichome extraction process. Separating of the trichomes from the spent plant material, which contains little to no cannabinoids, and separating the trichomes into various particle sizes helps to ensure the quality of your final product. The potency of dry sieving also means much higher levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), which can also be further influenced by the mesh size where a finer mesh produces purer product. Dry sieving is one of the simplest methods of cannabis extraction and, without relying on solvents, it is also one of the safest and purest.

The Finex Separator™ is an efficient vibratory separator that can be configured to meet the two-stage production process. The initial separation of plant material can be done by removing the majority of plant material from the top deck, while the second stage of separation produces a more refined and concentrated product. The sanitary screener is ideal for efficiently separating cannabis flower materials for cultivation, boosting your production rate.

Benefits of dry sieving

Solventless process- Keeps the entire trichome gland intact for a better concentration of trichomes and cannabinoids

Increased productivity- Fast throughput and accurate sieving of cannabis to increase your production rate and product quality

Minimize operator involvement- Sieves and sorts cannabis into desired fractions with minimal production stoppages

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