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January 16, 2024

Introducing the AMPro® Sieve Station Connect

Russell Finex is pleased to announce the new AMPro® Sieve Station Connect, setting a new standard for automated powder handling.

The AMPro® Sieve Station Connect, is designed to provide optimum powder convey times and sieving efficiency, ensuring your powder is always ready for use when you need it.

Richard Kay, Sales & Marketing Director at Russell Finex shares that, “The AMPro Sieve Station has been completely redesigned, offering advanced system monitoring and control, enhanced ergonomics, maintenance efficiency and performance.”

This innovative new solution has undergone numerous changes to meet the demands and requirements of the additive manufacturing industry.

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Connect functionality

The innovative 'connect' design of the new system significantly enhances its functionality and user experience. Firstly, its plug-and-play functionality enables you to seamlessly expand your printer fleet or increase powder consumption without operational disruptions.

Secondly, the system now allows remote optimization and monitoring. This empowers users to optimize powder usage and achieve comprehensive end-to-end powder traceability.

Read more about the connect features here.

Enhanced features

The AMPro® Sieve Station Connect has been re-engineered to improve efficiency, user experience, and performance. The hygienic and robust sieving system, uses the industry-proven Russell Compact Sieve® technology. The patented Smart Flow™ automates feed control and integrates an intelligent weighing system, enabling complete automation of the sieving process.

The AMPro® Sieve Station Connect is also designed with the user in mind. It features a user-friendly, larger HMI touchscreen to simplify navigation and monitoring. The system has been re-engineered to improve mobility, accessibility and for simplified maintenance.

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The AMPro® Sieve Station Connect will help you:



your virgin powder to ensure optimal usage



unused AM powders quickly and safely



powders for maximum yield



both reactive and non-reactive AM powders

"Our product solves key industry challenges like ensuring material containment, minimizing manual handling and downtime, achieving a fast and reliable process, and safeguarding powder quality."

Richard Kay, Sales & Marketing Director Russell Finex
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Powering the additive manufacturing revolution

Russell Finex has been a leader in powder handling since the beginning of the additive manufacturing revolution.

Analysis of the AM sector suggests that the market had grown to $15 billion by 2022 and is expected to hit around $100 billion by 2035 with a growth rate estimated around 20%.

Rob O’Connell, Managing Director at Russell Finex shares how Russell Finex is pleased to play its part in the fast-paced and innovative landscape:

“The Russell AMPro® range is a culmination of experience and learning, designed to meet the market’s current and future needs. We believe the AMPro® Sieve Station Connect will have a transformative impact in revolutionizing powder handling, leading to game-changing efficiency and performance gains.”

The award-winning Russell AMPro® range leads the industry with hundreds of global installations, catering to startups and full-scale production.

If you are exploring how to improve your powder handling strategy or have an upcoming project you would like to discuss, we can help. Powder handling and qualification are essential for additive manufacturers to maintain safety, productivity, and profitability. We'll help you build the best solution for your requirements. Please contact us.

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