Pneumatic Sieving to remove Contamination

Richard Kay
Richard Kay
Business Development Manager

Contamination from incoming raw materials a real threat for manufacturer’s reputation and quality

Pneumatic conveying is a popular method of transporting solids in many processing industries. Dry powders, granules and pellets are the common materials moved either by suspension in an airstream or forced by a gas stream in horizontal or vertical pipes. The Russell Blow Thru Sieve is perfect for tankers and can eliminate contamination, which may have originated from:

  • Tankers are notoriously difficult to clean completely and there may be some material left inside from a previous load

  • It could have been in the powder when the tanker was loaded.

  • It could be material which has agglomerated to form a crust during transportation.

Blow-Thru-Sieve.jpgThe Russell Blow Thru Sieve has been developed to solve the need to check screen raw materials before they enter further downstream processing.

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